The African continent is filled with many talented artists and art collectors. Many of these talented artists do not have the opportunity to show their talents to the world due to their art only being seen by the people closest to them. Through NFTs, these individuals are able to show their art pieces to NFT communities around the world. 

The Big 5 Collection, powered by African NFT, gives African artists access to the global NFT market, where their voices can be heard and their talents are seen. The African NFT Big 5 Collection represents the animals of the Big 5 through unique, artistic expression, to embody the essence of Africa, its creativity, and its innovation. We hope to capture the beauty of Africa in each of the NFTs we produce and that our community shares in the excitement of African culture and art.

African NFT Roadmap

The beginning of african nft

As an African-based start-up company, African NFT strives to create the perfect online platform for African artists within the new sphere of NFTs. We provide them with an opportunity where they can showcase their talents, express what Africa means to them through their art and have access to a global NFT marketplace. Seeing Africa and the world of blockchain art collide is what lit the spark for the creation of African NFT.

The first collection - the big 5

The Big 5. A group of animals that epitomise Africa; its beauty, its strength, its grace, its power, its magnificence. The African NFT Big 5 Collection represents the animals of the Big 5 through unique, artistic expression, to embody the essence of Africa, its creativity, and its innovation. The lion, the rhino, the elephant, the buffalo and the leopard are all depicted in different ways with unique African names, to emphasise each animal’s exceptional charm through unique artistic lenses. The images range from fun and vibrant, to minimal and simplistic.

the big 5 collection artists and the ideal marketplace

Our lead designer, Katherine Hunter, has created 50 NFTs with a wide range of styles to accommodate NFT collectors with different tastes and preferences. The collection has a total of 100 NFTs ensuring an exclusive, authentic and original African NFT Collection. Several artists from various African countries have joined the collection to show what the Big 5 means to them through this unique opportunity. The Big 5 NFTs will be minted on the Solana blockchain. Once minted, the NFTs will be made available on a secondary marketplace (Magic Eden).

utility added to holders from the big 5 collection

The African NFT team is in the process of establishing a promotional site to give an even wider exposure to African NFT enthusiasts, cryptocurrencies and companies. African NFT holders will benefit greatly on the promotional site. All African NFT holders will automatically be whitelisted for future projects. African NFT holders will gain access to an exclusive Telegram group where they can engage with a community of like-minded African Art and NFT enthusiasts.

what the future holds for african nft

African NFT strives to uplift the African continent and its blockchain community to ensure the continent remains competitive in the industry. The company will continue to analyse the market and identify ideal opportunities for individuals to showcase their talent to the world. Collaboration and Investment opportunities are a glimpse of the plans the company has to expand and grow its network for itself and its stakeholders. This is just the beginning.

The Big5 NFT Collection
Isibindi (means brave in zulu)

The monochrome palette of the Noir version of the buffalo NFT is a melancholic yet magical illustration of this awe-inspiring animal.

Ezolile (Means calm in zulu)

This rendition of the rhino NFT is the essence of reminiscence. It is a solemn reminder of the vulnerability of this beautiful creature and that it may fade out of existence if we do not protect it, which is the mission that this NFT embodies.


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Unomdla (means curious in xhosa)

The elephant is the epitome of old-timey, with his wisdom and his wrinkled skin, so this rendition of the elephant NFT is the ideal depiction of the timeless creature.


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Kunqunyiwe (means determined in zulu)

The elephant’s grey colour is emphasised in this depiction. It is evocative of the dry yet tough skin that acts as the elephant’s shield from the elements.


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Olododo (means faithful in yoruba)

The add-on effect of the Collage version of the rhino NFT is an unconventional yet inventive re-imagining of the rhino’s textured skin and its singular appearance.


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Inkululeko (means freedom in zulu)

The leopard emanates sentimentality in this rendition of the leopard NFT. It is a representation of the animal in its purest and most empathetic form.


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Gaskiya (means truth in hausa)

The colours and composition of the Abstract version of the leopard NFT conceive an eccentric and electric artwork that speaks to the sheer mystery and charm of the leopard.


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Utulivu (means calm in swahili)

The Silhouette version of the Leopard NFT heightens the unique pattern of the spots on its coat, as its weapon of disguise in the art of the chase.


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Utukufu (means glorious in swahili)

The Pixel version of the elephant NFT is a tribute to all the iconic features of the elephants; its tusks, its ears, and its trunk. It is a playful twist to the monumental image of the African elephant.


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Haske (means light in hausa)

Summer vacation started as soon as the buffalo sported his sultry shades in the Summer Vibes version of the buffalo NFT, looking bright and lively.


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Abin ban mamaki (means mysterious in hausa)

The rendition of the lion NFT is wistful and emotional, with the animal staring deep into your soul with its piercing eyes. It is a piece of profound complexity and empathy.


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Igboya mi (means courage in yoruba)

The King of the Savannah is honoured with detail, delicate linework, and bold golden hues in this rendition of the lion NFT.


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Ixabiso (means precious in xhosa)

Perhaps the most underrated animal of the Big 5, but not to be underestimated. The African buffalo is portrayed as a respected and admired animal in this rendition.


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Asante (means thankful in swahili)

This rendition of the buffalo NFT clearly emboldens the shape of the animal, its astonishing horns, and its gentle face.


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Themba (means hope in zulu)

The Psychedelic version of the lion NFT is a fun and vibrant twist to the King of the Savannah, with a flowing mane in funky colours!


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Inkosi (means king in zulu)

To be depicted as a king with his crown is befitting for the powerful yet gentle rhino. He is truly a noble member of African wildlife, as represented by the King version.


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Uloyiso (means victory in xhosa)

The colourful embrace of the Buffalo is truly depicted in this illustration.


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Egan (means wild in yoruba)

The Retro version of the elephant NFT displays the raw beauty of this truly amazing beast.


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Alagbara (means powerful in yoruba)

The lion certainly appears extra-terrestrial and energised in the Space version of the lion NFT, with the brightness of the animal exuberant against the depths of space in the background.


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Mai tawali'u (means curious in hausa)

As bizarre as the elephant may be with its long trunk and protruding tusks, this rendition of the elephant NFT encapsulates these features in a surreal and hypnotic way.

ARTIST: James hango

Charity supported from the Collection

The International Rhino Foundation is a charity focused on the conservation of the five species of rhinoceros: the White Rhinoceros and Black Rhinoceros in Africa; the Indian Rhinoceros, Javan Rhinoceros and Sumatran Rhinoceros in Asia. The main focus of the IRF can be summed up in the following points:

  • To protect Rhinos in the wild
  • To restore the wildlife habitat
  • To partner with local communities in conservation
  • Conservation breeding
  • To reduce the demand for Rhino horns
  • To support scientific solutions for Rhino conservation

We are proud to work with the IRF and help them financially from the proceeds of this collection. Of every Big 5 NFT sold, we donate 10% to the IRF to provide them with the financial assistance they need to carry out operations related to protecting the Rhino.


Who is the team behind the Big 5 Collection?

The team working on the Big 5 collection consists of NFT enthusiasts from several African countries. These individuals have diverse backgrounds and specialise in areas such as Art, Marketing, Sales, Writing, Technology and Development. More information on these individuals can be found on africannft.art.

Why the Big 5?

The Big 5 Collectively represents the unique essence of Africa. We wanted to leave Africa’s digital mark on the blockchain so that all can admire the magnificence of the Big 5, not just in the real world, but also in the world of crypto. What represents Africa better than the majestic beasts that roam this beautiful land. We celebrate what lies at Africa’s core, its traditions, and its authenticity as a culturally diverse and rich continent.

What makes your NFTs different from others?

Each one of our NFTs has been created by hand by artists from all different backgrounds across Africa. Our NFTs represent African art and what it means to be African. You are not just purchasing an NFT, you are purchasing a piece of Africa and its heritage that is so deeply ingrained in the artworks that our young African artists have crafted. The proceeds of our sales go directly back to supporting those that have poured so much of their passion into these pieces and a charity that aims to protect these age-old beasts portrayed in our collection.

Why only 100 pieces?

Our collection comprises of hand drawn digitised pieces from all over Africa. Each artist has poured in hours of effort to create their most perfect rendition of each of the Big 5. To create artworks as special as these, we were encouraged to cap the unique collection at 100. Since this is such a small collection, you are guaranteed NFTs that are highly valued, exclusive artworks from the heart of Africa.

On which chain will the NFTs be on?

The Big 5 Collection will be sold on the Solana blockchain through a secondary marketplace, Magic Eden.

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