Petrus Amuthenu was born in Swakopmund and grew up in northern Namibia in Uukwaludhi. In 2002 a chance encounter with the late artist Samuel Mbingilo at the Katutura Community Art Centre gave Amuthenu his first introduction to the Namibian art world. In 2015, Amuthenu held his first solo exhibition ‘Urban style / Kasi style’ at the Franco Namibian Cultural Centre. His second solo exhibition ‘Freeing My Mind’ took place at the National Art Gallery of Namibia in 2016. Amuthenu uses pencil, charcoal, spray-paint, tipex, oil paint, watercolour and printing ink, combined with a variety of different techniques within these media to create his works. Amuthenu’s works draw on pop-culture and related motifs. A mix of media and technique, coupled with the use of urban, noticeably Namibian motifs, invites a local, young audience to relate and respond to his visual social commentary.