Born in the DRC in the province of Katanga, Lubumbashi on the 3rd of April in 1976. Titi joined the academy of art Institute des beaux -arts in 1993. He found inspiration in the form of his big brother who was already a student at the specific art college. He originally started with ceramic, but found his interest to be in drawing and painting. After 5 years at the art college I got my art diploma. Unfortunately, I couldn't improve my skills due to the war that broke in my country. I left in 1999 via Zambia to Namibia. Passing my life as a refugee was unbearable. Trying to sell my art works in the street was how I made a living. In 2003, Titi was introduced to Kaleb Haipinge who brought me to the National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN). Titi has taken part in almost 29 group exhibitions in Windhoek since 2011 as well as 3 solo exhibitions to date. A few of his works are at the Würth museum in Germany. One of Titi’s artworks is currently exhibited in Serbia.